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Advisory Services

The Trusted Advisors at KerberRose provide well beyond traditional accounting services. Our advisory services help our business clients tackle whatever challenges they come across. These services include: Business Valuations, Human Resources and Leadership Development, Mergers and Acquisitions, Payroll, Quality Control Services, QuickBooks Consulting, Strategy & Planning, and Succession Planning.

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We take pride in the services we deliver and the way we deliver them. We were founded on the principle of providing proactive, attentive compliance and consulting services to the people and businesses of our local communities; forty years later, we remain committed to that goal.

While most business owners pour their heart and soul into improving the value of their business, knowing your business value can be a tricky proposition. While an accurate business valuation may not be necessary for day-to-day management, a business owner will rightfully come to a point where an accurate assessment of their business’s value is essential. Estate planning, mergers and acquisitions, divorce, gifting, or selling a business necessitate business valuation.

Determining the value of a business is a complex process requiring knowledge of multiple disciplines and careful analysis of both tangible and intangible assets. Our business valuation team is made up of Certified Public Accountants who have also added designations such as Certified Valuation Analyst or Accredited in Business Valuations. This broad skill set gives them the expertise needed to provide business appraisal services to our valued clients.

Our business valuation team has the expertise and experience to help you determine and understand the value of your business. We also provide information to help identify the key drivers of value, both positive and negative, allowing management to focus their efforts in the most meaningful areas of your business.

    While many events may necessitate a business valuation, periodic valuations can also be a valuable measuring tool to help management determine the overall success of the organization. Some of the most common reasons to consider a business valuation include:

  • Allocation of Purchase Price
  • Buy-Sell Agreements
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Divorce
  • Equity Contributions
  • Impairment of Goodwill
  • Internal Management Use
  • Litigation Support
  • Owner Disputes
  • Succession Planning
  • If you find yourself in one of the above situations, KerberRose can provide guidance and insight to the decision-makers in your organization.

Growing organizations are continuously faced with employee and human resource challenges, such as recruiting new employees, retaining current employees, developing effective policies and procedures, and engaging employees in workplace culture so they are instrumental in organizational growth and success. Fortunately, KerberRose now offers Human Resources Consulting. We believe employee involvement is critical to implementing strategy, executing operations, and successfully working with clients. Our team is committed to helping your organization in virtually any area related to human capital, human resources, and/or talent management to develop your employees and leaders. Our solutions  to your human resources and leadership development needs are both tailor-made and cost-effective. Learn more about KerberRose HR by visiting our new Human Resources website.

Our team of professionals is available to help your organization develop a solid and practical HR strategy. Our experts assess your organization’s needs and help you source and develop the people, processes, and human capital capabilities necessary for your organization to succeed and grow. With more than 50 years of collective, specialized HR expertise on the team, organizations can leverage a comprehensive talent pool without having to invest $70,000 – $150,000 annually to hire internal HR support.

  • Administrating an ethics, fraud, and safety hotline
  • Assessing individuals and teams
  • Creating action plans for leadership development
  • Coaching leaders or future leaders, either one-on-one or with entire teams
  • Creating human resources policies or revising current policies based on new regulations
  • Determining employee strengths and gifts to optimize their talents
  • Evaluating current employees to determine if they are in the right roles
  • Leading and managing change
  • Recruiting and sourcing for all positions, including C-suite executives
  • Serving as your Human Resources Department
  • Third-party investigation of workplace misconduct
  • Training human resources best practices: interviewing, performance reviews, terminations, conflict management
    Mergers and acquisitions are complex and historically do not achieve their business objectives. Our trusted advisors assist clients to ensure the merger and acquisition process goes as smoothly as possible, while generating the success you desire.

  • Assisting with negotiations and due diligence
  • Completing culture assessments and integration complexity
  • Creating the integration plan and assisting with the integration
  • Determining tax implications
  • Developing and planning the transaction strategy and target opportunities
  • Locating, valuing, and serving as a contact point for acquisitions
  • Performing business valuations
  • Providing onsite assistance once a transaction is completed
  • Clients receive a personalized solution because every transaction is unique. Our trusted advisors are available to help you from beginning to end of your merger and acquisition—or any step in between.

    Each business has unique payroll challenges, which is why KerberRose offers flexible payroll services for your needs. Our payroll professionals are always up-to-date on the frequently changing payroll tax laws and reporting requirements. With a Certified Payroll Professional on staff, we have the expertise to handle payroll processing and reporting for businesses of any size.

    We offer remote payroll processing for our clients through NetClient. NetClient allows you to access our services directly from our website, using a secure, private portal created especially for you. This service offers the convenience of 24/7 access to your information—enter employee hours or print reports whenever it’s convenient for you. We also offer web employee access, which allows your employees to view their check stubs and year-to-date payroll information at any time.

    We offer complete payroll processing, including direct deposit of employee checks, payment of all payroll taxes, and withholding. Our team also offers monthly and quarterly payroll tax reporting for employers who prefer to prepare their own paychecks.

  • Complete Payroll Processing
  • Remote Payroll Processing
  • Direct Deposit Service
  • Compliance with Employment Law Updates and Changes
  • Monthly and Quarterly Payroll Tax Reporting
  • Annual Payroll Tax Reporting and W-2 Preparation
  • Online Access for Employers and Employees
  • Multi-State Withholding and Compliance

    Thousands of accounting firms are enrolled in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) Peer Review Program, which requires a review of their accounting and auditing practices at least once every three years. We perform both system and engagement reviews for certified public accounting firms. We provide Firm-On-Firm Reviews for firms whose peer reviews are administered by their state CPA society and the AICPA National Peer Review Committee.

    You will invest time and money in your firm’s next peer review. Choosing the right review team will provide you with the expertise you need to get the full benefit from the peer review. Our peer review team evaluates the quality control system of a firm. We go beyond the compliance aspect of peer review to provide value, performing peer reviews in the shortest amount of time possible to minimize interruptions to your office routines. We take a practical approach during the entire peer review process. We perform both system peer reviews and engagement reviews that are accepted by various state society peer review committees, as well as the AICPA’s national peer review committee. The KerberRose peer review team captains have more than 50 years of combined experience in accounting and auditing, and have performed peer reviews in more than 15 states. Our expertise includes performing peer reviews for more than 22 years. Peer review clients range in size from sole practitioners to multi-state, multi-office firms with more than 25 partners.

  • Ability to help fulfill your requirements of membership in the AICPA’s Governmental Audit Quality Center and the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center
  • Team has participated in more than 270 peer or consulting reviews for firms throughout the country
  • Completion of peer review in the field, including issuing the peer review report
  • Familiarity with programs offered by Audit Watch and PPC practice aids
  • Experience with paperless software systems
  • Firms are required to perform annual internal monitoring of their quality control systems. Many firms find it beneficial to outsource aspects of their internal monitoring and inspection process, such as the engagement review component. This provides an objective look at the firm’s quality control policies and procedures, allowing the firm the opportunity to benefit from best practice suggestions as well as prepare for its required peer review. Our team is ready and available to assist your Firm in complying with your quality control policies.

    Many firms have the requirement for pre-issuance reviews of financial statements. Additionally, the Quality Control Standards require firms to establish criteria, policies, and procedures for the performance of engagement quality control reviews (EQCR). Many small firms may realize they need to go outside their firm to meet their EQCR requirements because they may not have the resources to conduct these reviews. Firms may also find it beneficial to have an outside pre-issuance review performed of other engagements, such as those in high-risk or specialized industries. Pre-issuance review allows you to obtain an independent, objective review of the report and financial statements. We are experienced in performing both pre-issuance reviews and EQCRs and can assist you in a timely manner to perform these reviews.

    We understand you have many responsibilities that may include recording the financial activity of your business. If you are using a QuickBooks product, we can help with any of the needs you may have. Our QuickBooks ProAdvisor staff has practical, real-world experience in accounting to assist you with the initial setup and customization of your files. We can teach you how to use the software in the way that works best for you. With unlimited access to QuickBooks technical support, there is no question too difficult for our team to answer.

  • Consulting Management
  • Customization
  • Discounts on QuickBooks Products
  • File Cleanup
  • Integration with Existing Software
  • QuickBooks Online
  • Training and Support
  • Troubleshooting

    All organizations experience opportunities and challenges. Some are from organic growth and the need for an organization to adapt to this growth. Others struggle to differentiate in a market, segment, or with clients. Others grapple with succession planning—whether to another family member or another leader. In any instance, a strategic plan aligns the organization to face these opportunities and challenges.

    We have an experienced team of strategy and business advisors to partner with you on more fully integrating strategy with employees, processes, operations, financials, and clients. All organizations need to continually improve because doing the status quo is not enough and will place you behind your competition. We will help increase your top- and bottom-line to strengthen your organization and make it even more successful.

  • Vision, Mission, and Values: Create or modify your vision and mission, and align these with your core values to improve employee engagement.
  • Current State Analysis: This can be done through qualitative or quantitative venues such as surveys, interviews, and other assessments.
  • Strategic Plan: Facilitate sessions to create a multi-year strategy with clear goals and objectives in SMART format (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Based).
  • Action Plans: The SMART format allows for Champions to be identified for each objective to assist with execution, implementation, and accountability.
  • Accountability: Our process includes quarterly ongoing meetings during the initial year of your strategic plan implementation to help with questions and ensure the plan is being achieved.

Succession planning ensures your organization is prepared for the future. A solid succession plan serves to provide organizational structure and to aid in achieving organizational objectives, all while protecting a business from unexpected changes and preparing for a seamless transition of leadership.

Succession planning ensures your organization is prepared for the future. A solid succession plan serves to provide organizational structure and to aid in achieving organizational objectives, all while protecting a business from unexpected changes and preparing for a seamless transition of leadership.

    KerberRose will help you take an objective look at your organization, help you identify key goals for the future of your organization, and assist you in crafting an individualized plan which fits your needs. When successful, a succession plan will align your organization’s mission with future-focused business operations or practices, value/growth generation, and career development. Some examples of organizations which might need a succession plan include those where:

  • The CEO and/or other senior leaders are within five years of retirement
  • There is consideration to gift or sell the business to a family member
  • There is a good group of “next-level” leaders who need further leadership development
  • The organization is growing very quickly, and leaders need quicker development to keep up with the growth
  • There is a gap in the number of Generation X leaders to help with succession between Baby Boomers and Millennials
  • If your organization fits any of these or if you’re a leader who desires coaching, take the first step to contact a KerberRose trusted advisor to ensure sustainability in your organization. While you may not have started your business to worry about succession planning and leadership development, fortunately, these are some of the many services we specialize in to help organizations succeed.


Tailored Guidance

Our clients’ successes are our successes. Our advisory services provide you with an added level of financial and operational support, so you can reach your goals. We’ll discuss your specific needs and proactively deliver solutions to fulfill them.


Comprehensive Solutions

Beyond providing advice and guidance, our advisory services offer our clients a great value-add; we provide coaching and in-depth reviews that help your team build attainable, long-term goals and actionable insights.

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