Managing a Remote Workforce

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has impacted many organizations around the world. As we all continue to adjust to the developing situation, it is of utmost importance to us at KerberRose we continue to support you, our clients, with the best service. As such, we want to make sure you have access to resources for your organization which will allow you to maintain as much of a routine as possible during this unprecedented time.

The onset of the global pandemic escalated quickly and forced many employees across the country to work in a remote capacity. Although the notion of remote work is not new and has gained traction across many organizations in the past decade, it is still a break in routine for many. Consider these remote working tips to help guide your organization through the transition and help your employees manage the complexities of working from their new home office.

Create structure and set boundaries
Encourage employees to set up a dedicated office space allowing them to focus on their work and be clear of distractions. Employees should also set clear personal boundaries for their work time. This encourages healthy habits and helps them manage the complexity of separating work time and family time.

Set clear deadlines and objectives
Set clear deadlines and objectives for your team and be transparent if those differ based on revised schedules and the needs of the business. Be sure to continue to review work in a timely manner and encourage employees to ask for feedback to ensure success in their new way of working. Encourage employees to create targeted lists to help them manage their own personal schedules.

Communicate and connect
Maintain consistent communication with your employees, continue providing feedback and be open to adjusting accordingly—change is hard, and the different working environment can cause concerns regarding cross-team collaboration. Urge your employees to ask questions about how remote working will impact the rest of their team. It is extremely important for us all to find new ways to connect to make sure we don’t feel isolated from our work and our team members. Schedule weekly video or phone conferences to simply touch base and connect (video is preferred to see each other).

Leverage technology
Leverage the technology you have in place in your organization to stay connected. Maintain consistency in your daily schedules by moving your previously scheduled meetings into a virtual environment. KerberRose Technology can help provide necessary technology to effectively collaborate and connect; thereby reducing the stress that a new working environment may bring. Make sure to encourage your employees to speak up if they are feeling isolated and encourage the use of technology to check-in on non-work-related items, too.

Ensure you have the processes in place to protect data, intellectual property (IP), and confidential information. Be clear with your employees on what is required to access internal drives and the expectations for sharing and storing information. Keep in mind that some are trying to take advantage of others during this difficult time. Be aware of phishing emails, especially those related to the COVID-19 outbreak. Contact KerberRose Technology for assistance.

  • Emails that appear to have been sent by the World Health Organization or related governmental or health organizations
  • Counterfeit purchase orders for face masks or other health and medical supplies applicable to COVID-19
  • Fake emails requesting “remote workplace testing” that may procure login details or other authentication information
  • Requests for donations that appear to be sent from bona fide relief organizations or related health organizations

Maintain engagement
Maintain a positive attitude and have some fun with your team. Share stories and photos and keep each other engaged. Send positive notes to your team members to keep spirits up and make sure to have consistent conversations with your employees to better understand what is important to them and what they may need during this time.

Be flexible
We all need to remain nimble given the developing situation. Some days will be more streamlined than others, and that is absolutely okay. Stay positive, trust your team members, listen to others and we will all continue to learn as we go.

As your trusted advisor, we are here to support you as you navigate these continual changes for your business. Contact us for further information.

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