Higher Education Benefits: KerberRose Helps Ease Student Debt

Today, Americans face the highest amount of student loan debt ever. In the United States, 45 million borrowers owe over $1.56 Trillion (Student Loan Hero).  Individuals face a hefty price tag to obtain an undergraduate or graduate degree that will hopefully set them apart in their careers.  As a result, companies across the United States have begun implementing higher education and financial support benefits to support their employees. This type of benefit assists employees  financially, recognizes their effort to continue learning, and decreases the amount of stress and anxiety associated with debt.

Tuition reimbursement and educational assistance programs offered to employees are crucial when attracting and retaining new talent.  KerberRose recognizes the financial hardship that employees face and initiated both a student loan repayment program through Gradifi and a higher education discount in partnership with  Lakeland University.

KerberRose has teamed up with Gradifi to offer all eligible employees with student loan debt a monthly payment applied to their debt.  This payment helps to ease employee stress regarding their finances, therefore, helping employees to focus on their personal and professional goals.

Along with the student loan repayment program, KerberRose has partnered with Lakeland University to offer an up-front tuition discount for employees and their immediate family members.  This discount is 20% on undergraduate courses and 10% on graduate courses.  This discount provides employees with a more financially stable option to further their education and advance their careers.

For more information, please visit Gradifi (www.gradifi.com) and Lakeland University (www.lakeland.edu).  To learn more about career opportunities with KerberRose, please visit www.careers.kerberrose.com.


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