Manage Your Workforce with TimeWorksPlus

TimeWorksPlus makes your payroll processing and workforce management easier than ever.

KerberRose would like to introduce TimeWorksPlus Employee to our valued clients. TimeWorksPlus helps streamline managing your workforce by offering access to employee’s time, attendance, workforce management, balance & accruals, workforce performance, and absence management all in one system.

TimeWorksPlus Employee simplifies time tracking and allows you to spend less time processing payroll. Eliminate messy time sheets by transferring workforce data directly into your payroll processing platform. TimeWorks Mobile will give your employees complete freedom to punch and manage time from wherever they are while providing supervisors perfect visibility. You’ll know who’s early, who’s late and who’s absent—and where they were when they clocked in. Automate the tracking of PTO accruals. Employers and employees alike enjoy a quick view of time earned and used, making it easy to manage requests for time off.

TimeWorksPlus Employee offers a new Dashboard feature that provides real-time insight into timekeeping, attendance and scheduling. Employers enjoy a summary view of labor costs that facilitates efficient decision making. Utilize employees’ attendance history to identify trends, set notifications for violations, automate time-off requests, and measure the overall impact of unscheduled absences to take proactive action. Absence management is critical to staying ahead of the financial impact of unexpected time off.

KerberRose is excited to offer TimeWorksPlus Employee to all of our business clients. To schedule a demonstration and learn more, please contact your local KerberRose accounting expert

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