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Recently, QuickBooks Online released a number of updates to help streamline their services. If you are using QuickBooks Online, you will find a list of changes that you may find beneficial for your business: addition of ‘preferred classes’, restricting payroll permissions, transferring the Master Admin role, W9 self-setup technology, next day deposits for ACH payments, and the new Detect & Defend Identity Theft Monitoring System.

  1. Addition of ‘preferred classes’ to QuickBooks Online items: Classes help you identify related data when used in a transaction. They can display connections which help establish links in your data.
    1. Classes can help you track departments, locations, or the type of business that the transaction corresponds
    2. Classes can be tracked by line item or transaction
    3. Example: Nonprofit organization wants to track the grant process, small business wants to track income and expenses by departments
  1. Restricted user payroll permissions: Employee salaries, social security numbers and contact information are personal details which need to be protected. With the QuickBooks Online ‘Payroll access’ permissions feature, you can limit access to certain team members.
    1. Add a new user
    2. “How much access do you want this user to have?”
      1. Select Payroll Access but remove access for ‘add, edit, and delete employees’, ‘add, edit, and delete payroll transactions’, and ‘view payroll reports’.
    3. ‘Payroll’ is displayed instead of their real name when the user has no permissions
  1. You can now transfer the Master Admin Role in QuickBooks Online
    1. Only the current Master Administrator can make this change. If you’re not the current Master Administrator, ask the current Master Administrator to make the transfer.
    2. If the user you want to make the Master Administrator isn’t already a Company Administrator, you must first add them as one (or change their role if they are an existing user).
    3. If the user you’d like to transfer Master Administrator rights to is already a Company Administrator, skip to how to transfer Master Administrator rights to an existing company administrator.
    4. Click here to learn more –
  1. W9 self set-up is a new offering for your 1099/contractors: Invite your contractors to enter their tax information so you can be prepared to file 1099s during tax time
    1. Existing contractor: confirm and/or update your contractor’s email address in QBO
    2. Send an email from the Vendors portion of QBO


  1. Invite a new contractor: select Workers, then Contractors in QBO
  2. Select Add Contractor and fill out their name and email address
  3. Select ‘Invite them to fill out the rest’, and Add Contractor


  1. Next day deposits for ACH Payments: When you use QuickBooks Payments, you can receive your credit card and bank transfer payments deposited the very next business day.
    1. If you are a Payments customer, you must sign up for the new plan
    2. Bank transfers processed before 3pm Pacific time will be deposited the next business day
  1. QuickBooks now offers Detect & Defend, a business identity theft monitoring system
    1. Detect & Defend monitoring includes dark web monitoring, business credit monitoring, and identity theft certified resolution specialists
    2. Learn more about this software here –

At KerberRose, we understand that small business owners  have many responsibilities that may include recording the financial activity of your business. If you are using QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online, we provide a variety of services from the initial setup to ongoing services that will help you get the most benefit out of the program. We have many certified QuickBooks ProAdvisors as part of our professional staff.


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