Forensic Accounting

It seems like every time we turn on the news there is some report about fraud happening to a local business, government or non-profit.  This has left many people wondering if they have the right controls in place and if their organization could be the next victim of fraud.

At KerberRose we are committed to helping our clients protect their organization from fraudulent activity.    We work with our clients to identify fraud risk factors and recommend changes to strengthen internal controls to help prevent and deter fraud.

Fraudulent activity is becoming more common and the experienced professionals at KerberRose can assist you with fraud prevention, detection and investigation.    When organization suspects a misappropriation of assets, fraudulent financial reporting, or other misconduct, KerberRose investigates to determine the existence and nature of the fraud as well as the perpetrator. We quantify the fraud losses and, where possible, help clients identify recovery options.

Fraud Prevention

  • Internal Control and Process Examinations
  • Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Fraud Program Recommendations/Implementation

Fraud Detection

  • Fraud Scheme Detection
  • Asset Verification
  • Discovery of Hidden Assets

Fraud Investigation

  • Asset Theft Investigations
  • Documentation of Fraud Occurrence
  • Partnership Malfeasance Investigation
  • Insurance Claim Support

Litigation Support

  • Criminal & Civil Litigation Support
  • Income Analysis & Calculation of Fraud Loss
  • Marital Dissolution
  • Expert Testimony

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