Small Business Recovery After Shutdown

Has the government shutdown impact the outlook on economic development of small business in the United States? During the 35 day partial government shutdown, many small business owners have felt the squeeze in lending.

One of the biggest impacts to entrepreneurs was the shutdown of the Small Business Administration’s lending and investment programs. Business owners who had applied were waiting for funding may have seen a delay in receiving those funds. The SBA also noted that they would not be entering into new contracts with small businesses. The Small Business Committee noted that there would be substantial impact to 7(a) loan program, the Community Advantage Program, 504 loan program, and microloan program.

“When the shutdown freezes business loans already in development it can really have a lasting effect on those businesses,” said Jane Vander Loop, manager at KerberRose. “Any government shutdown causes harm for an entrepreneur  who is seeking funding to start or expand their business. Many businesses depend on these loans. This could be a loan for expansion, renovations, automation, or to buy new equipment. If those businesses don’t get funding, they may run into a situation where they cannot pay bills. What most experts are forecasting is a domino effect; not just for that individual business but for our economy.”

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