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Meet the KerberRose Team

KerberRose is dedicated to its team and our people-first philosophy is what makes our firm successful. As a way to highlight members of our team who have shown exceptional commitment to their work, we will be sharing Employee Spotlights to showcase their efforts, experience, development, and successes during their career with KerberRose.

Rachel Desautels | KerberRose

Andy Cordova | Senior Manager | Rhinelander Office

KerberRose is proud to recognize Andy Cordova in this month’s Team Member Spotlight!

Andy joined KerberRose in October 2017, and has been honing his skills including financial statements, tax returns and general accounting. His dedication and expertise led him to the role of Senior Manager in October 2023. Throughout his tenure, Andy has emerged as a leader within our firm, actively participating in various committees, including the Tax Committee, Business Tax Process Committee, Business Development Committee and a Strategic Plan Subcommittee.

Andy’s perspective on success is firmly rooted in teamwork, hence his collaborative efforts with various committees. He attributes his achievements not to individual accomplishments but rather to collaboration at both the group and firm levels.

“Two years ago we implemented a standardized business tax process, which has proven highly effective for our firm. I also recently got involved with our advanced pricing model (APM) proposal processes, earning a few wins and now approaching year two with some of these clients, which has been especially rewarding.” APM is a new investment structure allowing our clients the opportunity to customize their KerberRose services and collaborate with our advisors on an investment that works for their goals.

As KerberRose has grown steadily over the years, Andy reflects on the company’s journey. “KerberRose has significantly grown since I started in 2017, from being roughly the 100th employee to now reaching close to 250, and along the way we have continuously embraced change in the industry. This has allowed us to remain a successful regional firm while staying true to our small-firm identity.”

Andy is continuing his professional growth, expanding his expertise in business valuations—a niche he finds both challenging and rewarding. He shares, “Tax and accounting have always been my bread and butter, but branching off into business valuations has been a great experience so far.”

After completing the examination, Andy is now working toward his required 1,500 hours of experience for the Accredited Business Valuation (ABV®) credential, which will further enhance his credibility as a Trusted Advisor to his clients, providing valuable insights into the valuation of businesses and intangible assets.

Andy highlights KerberRose’s commitment to fostering growth and providing opportunities for our employees by mentioning, “They continuously provide tools and resources to help their employees grow, thrive and be successful in their careers. [KerberRose] offers employees the opportunity to chart their own path, and from personal experience, I can attest that not every organization is so flexible. They really value personal and professional growth and offer you room to branch off into a different niche if desired. I encourage anyone to join KerberRose if you’re looking to create a fulfilling career and willing to put in the work.”

Andy’s three words to describe KerberRose are: “More than accountants!”

Andy’s experience at KerberRose reflects our firm’s mission to help make our clients and employees successful. We are proud to have Andy as part of our team, and we look forward to witnessing his continued success. Congratulations, Andy!

Rachel Desautels | KerberRose

Rachel Desautels | Senior Accountant | Green Bay Office

KerberRose is proud to recognize Rachel Desautels in this month’s Employee Spotlight!

Rachel began her journey with KerberRose five years ago as an intern, where she helped manage the front desk and learned about our business services. She has assisted with bookkeeping, sales tax, payroll, and she now specializes in business tax returns and financial statements.

Recently, Rachel passed her CPA exam, earning a promotion to Senior Accountant. She stated, “I am so grateful to have had the support and help I needed during my CPA exam. The managers and shareholders knew how important this was and gave me the flexibility I needed to study and prepare.”

When asked what differentiates KerberRose from others, Rachel explained, “You hear so many stories about people disliking their jobs or not getting along with their coworkers, and that’s everything KerberRose stresses not to be. When I have any sort of challenge, I know that I can go to anybody to get help, and everyone is super open and listens to the problems I have. I have gotten better at asking for help because I know I will be heard.

This year, Rachel went above and beyond when a client’s controller quit in early March 2022—peak tax-season. Rachel stepped up despite her tax season workload by filling this gap to get the client through tax season and until a new controller was hired, who she also helped train. There were many roadblocks along the way, yet Rachel persevered and got the job done.

Rachel’s three words to describe KerberRose are: Flexible. Supportive. Inclusive.  

We are lucky to have her on the team! Congratulations, Rachel!

Jeni Flynn | KerberRose

Jeni Flynn | Senior Accountant | Green Bay Office

KerberRose is proud to recognize Jeni Flynn in this month’s Employee Spotlight!

Beginning her career with KerberRose in the summer of 2019 as a Staff Accountant, Jeni endured her first tax season amidst the pandemic. She emphasized the difficulties experienced during this time, as businesses across the globe navigated a new normal, and noted, “I’m proud of how far I’ve come, especially during COVID. I gained a lot of independence because I had to learn on my own from home.”

As Jeni’s expertise and knowledge in the field grew, so did her confidence to help others. “From never doing a tax return, to handling it on my own and doing it well, was a big jump. I quickly became a resource to others for training and questions.” KerberRose leaders recognized Jeni’s hard work and skills with a promotion to Senior Accountant in 2022.

Jeni would recommend working with KerberRose because, “We’re going to get the job done and get it done well. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable in so many different areas, and even if our immediate office doesn’t have the answer, we can reach out to another office to find it out.”

She also expressed how the pandemic helped grow our firm: “You don’t have to be in Shawano or Appleton to be part of or work with the KerberRose team; you can be anywhere.”

As a team member, Jeni is happy with the culture at KerberRose. “The reason I joined KerberRose is because it doesn’t feel like you’re just one of the many. It definitely feels like you are part of a group or community,” Jeni shared. She also spoke highly of the leadership at KerberRose, saying, “At many firms, team members don’t feel seen by upper management. Here at KerberRose, you know everyone on a personal level, you feel seen, and can talk to leaders when you need something.”

Jeni’s three words to describe KerberRose are: Knowledgeable. Thoughtful. Fun.

We are lucky to have her on the team! Congratulations, Jeni!

Nicole Hanke | KerberRose

Nicole Hanke | Firm Administrator | Appleton

KerberRose is pleased to feature Nicole Hanke in this month’s Team Member Spotlight!

Nicole joined KerberRose more than four and a half years ago, stepping into a new firm role as a Talent Coordinator. Her vision and drive led her to evolve within the firm, transitioning through various roles in organizational development, strategy, and management, culminating in her current position as Firm Administrator. Throughout her tenure, Nicole has seized opportunities to enhance her skills while steadfastly supporting the firm’s growth.

With a background in the tax and accounting industry, Nicole’s transition to KerberRose was marked by a desire to contribute to a more localized region while wielding the autonomy to innovate and shape new initiatives. “The Talent role allowed me to re-enter the accounting industry within a smaller, local market, empowering me to build something from the ground up to support our team,” shares Nicole.

Nicole’s standout achievement lies in the development of a robust practicum tailored to empower team members across all service lines and levels within the firm. “Creating a platform that addresses the learning and leadership needs of our diverse team was truly fulfilling. Identifying gaps and devising solutions to support our team’s growth has been a rewarding journey,” expresses Nicole.

Beyond her tangible accomplishments, Nicole emphasizes the significance of fostering trust and camaraderie across all levels of the firm. Her dedication to building meaningful relationships has been instrumental in driving cohesion and unity within KerberRose. She reflects, “In my role, building trust with team members across the organization is paramount. I’ve had the privilege of supporting staff at all levels, fostering a culture of collaboration and support.”

At KerberRose, Nicole finds fulfillment in the firm’s commitment to individualized development opportunities tailored to each team member’s unique strengths and interests. “Our firm offers personalized development opportunities that align individual goals with our strategic vision. This synergy allows team members to witness firsthand how their contributions drive firm-wide growth,” notes Nicole. Additionally, she finds inspiration in the ever-evolving landscape of the firm, where innovation and adaptability are celebrated. “The dynamic nature of our roles and the firm’s philosophy of embracing change fuel a culture of excitement,” adds Nicole.

Nicole’s journey exemplifies KerberRose’s principles of continuous growth, innovation, and unwavering support for its team members. Her contributions underscore the firm’s commitment to fostering talent and cultivating a thriving workplace culture. Congratulations, Nicole, on your remarkable achievements and dedication to excellence!

Elle Hietpas | KerberRose

Elle Hietpas | ParaPlanner | Appleton Office

KerberRose is proud to recognize Elle Hietpas in this month’s Employee Spotlight!

Elle joined KerberRose in late 2021 with a background in healthcare. While she had her mind set on a career transition to accounting, she was hired as an administrative assistant for our Wealth Management team and couldn’t be happier. This entry-level position helped her build industry knowledge and experience, and she was soon encouraged to further her credentials with a Financial ParaPlanner Qualified Professional™ (FPQP®) designation. After studying hard over the summer of 2022, Elle earned her designation, and was awarded a promotion to ParaPlanner in October. Elle expressed, “I anticipated joining the accounting side when I was hired, and was happy to be persuaded by my team to join wealth management. They’re all really great to work with.”

When asked what successes Elle has had with KerberRose, she explained, “Getting my designation was a big success. It was the stepping stone I needed in deciding whether I would transition to the accounting side, or join wealth management. The course focused on financial planning, and I quickly learned how much I really enjoyed it! I can safely say I wouldn’t be where I am today without the encouragement of my team. Regardless of what I decided, they supported me.”

After making the switch from a career in healthcare to wealth management, Elle expressed her gratitude for KerberRose’s work-life balance. “KerberRose takes pride in their employees. I haven’t had this experience in my previous career – to work and feel valued, and to know that your leaders appreciate and recognize the work you do, regardless of status. My leaders are always willing to teach me anything and they encourage questions, as they know it’s a great way to help me fully understand the ins and outs of the industry.”

When asked what makes KerberRose’s client experience special, and Elle shared, “Other financial industries offer a sole advisor to assist the client with everything they need, whereas KerberRose has a team approach. A variety of experienced professionals in all niches come together to really expand a clients’ exact needs. I believe this approach makes KerberRose a great partner to all by offering a variety of knowledge and experience for our clients. We want to make sure we are servicing our clients in the best way to meet them where they are at now, and help them achieve their desired future.”

Elle’s three words to describe KerberRose are: Supportive. Knowledgeable. Teamwork.

We are lucky to have her on the team! Congratulations, Elle!

Ethan Hoffman | KerberRose

Ethan Hoffman | Senior Accountant | Appleton Office

KerberRose is proud to recognize Ethan Hoffman in this month’s Team Member Spotlight!

Ethan began his career with KerbeRose in July of 2020 as a Staff Accountant and focused largely on audit work with non-profits, government and 401(k) plans. After mastering this position, Ethan was equipped to take on a higher level of work and was promoted to Senior Accountant in the fall of 2022. With his promotion came more responsibility, such as leading others around him, having one-on-one meetings with clients and continuously building relationships with team members and clients.

“My overall experience with KerberRose has been great. I’ve enjoyed every step of the way, as they’ve given me plenty of opportunities to grow,” Ethan shared regarding his experience with KerberRose in his three years with the firm.

Ethan also shared why he chose to make a career with KerberRose, stating, “For starters, the work schedule flexibility is great. You can plan ahead and work longer throughout the week to make up for time off. Second, there is great camaraderie across the team and from upper-level staff and our shareholders. The overall support I’ve received from senior level team members or at the partner level on the audit side has been really great. I’m able to communicate with them on a daily basis and they’re always willing to help me. And lastly, KerberRose’s success is trending upward as we continue to grow our firm and take on more clients.”

While earning a promotion is worth celebrating, Ethan shares passing his CPA exam in 2022 was a huge personal accomplishment for him. “Being able to build my career and being given more opportunities to push myself onto the next level is very rewarding. In general, I feel like I’ve been able to take on a lot of responsibilities compared to competing organizations and am now a reliable source for leaders to get work done.”

Ethan’s three words to describe KerberRose are: Supportive. Flexible. Motivational.

We are lucky to have him on the team! Congratulations, Ethan!

Autumn Johnson | KerberRose

Autumn Johnson | Green Bay | Marketing Manager

KerberRose is proud to recognize Autumn Johnson in this month’s Team Member Spotlight!

Autumn has been a part of our firm for more than four years and began her career with KerberRose as a Marketing Coordinator in 2019.

With her most recent promotion to Marketing Manager in October of 2022, she shares, “As I got to know the ropes, I was able to take on more firm responsibilities, including business development, consulting work and firm communications, which I’ve quite enjoyed. The additional responsibility led to my current role and I now get the pleasure of overseeing the Marketing Department while assisting with KerberRose’s Strategic Plan goals.”

While KerberRose offers a plethora of services for clients, Autumn facilitates a variety of internal and external projects across all service lines to help build a unified, consistent brand for the firm. Her team works with KerberRose’s 13 locations and regularly collaborates with subject matter experts to assist each department with new projects and goals. Autumn amplifies KerberRose’s marketing by being a professional, young leader who brings fresh ideas and innovation to our brand.

Autumn describes the accomplishments she’s most proud of as: “The continuous growth of the Marketing Team and expanding the services we offer to our clients as Trusted Advisors” and “The success KerberRose’s Business Development and Operations Teams have had establishing the firm’s new proposal process, allowing KerberRose to offer a wider breadth of services to each of our clients at an affordable investment.”

When asked what made her decide to work for us, she explained, “Initially, the excitement of working on something new every day really appealed to me. Now that I’ve been here a while, it’s the people who make this job so worth it. I have been so fortunate to find a workplace with such a supportive, fun culture, team members who I adore working with and leaders who believe in me. There is substantial support from leaders so team members can reach their goals and our professional development resources are outstanding. The culture at KerberRose is unmatched and I am so glad to have found a home here.”

Autumn’s three words to describe KerberRose are: Supportive. People-centric. Rewarding.

We are lucky to have her on the team! Congratulations, Autumn!

Karli Klimith | KerberRose

Karli Klismith | Stevens Point | Senior Talent Manager

KerberRose is thrilled to recognize Karli Klismith in this month’s Team Member Spotlight!

Karli has been an essential member of our KerberRose Human Resources team for more than three years, and through her commitment and continuous efforts toward our firm, she was promoted to Senior Talent Manager in October 2023. Karli is passionate about many things—human resources, process improvements, learning—and most of all, people! Her key areas of expertise include recruiting, talent development and employee relations. Karli is committed to fostering the growth of companies by strategically aligning them with individuals who not only embrace the organization’s vision but also actively contribute to the realization of business objectives.

Of the past three years, Karli shares, “My overall experience has been very positive. Everyone is very friendly and willing to help and step in when needed, and I think that’s what really differentiates KerberRose from other companies. I’m also grateful for the continuous leadership opportunities. KerberRose has fully believed in me since day one and I continue to grow alongside the firm.”

Karli sees herself as a lifelong learner and consistently seeks to bring a positive impact to the workplace. She looks forward to continuing to serve clients to meet their individual and business needs.

Karli has achieved notable milestones during her time at KerberRose, such as winning the Spirit of Community Award in November 2022 at the firm’s Employee Appreciation Party, where nominations are submitted by peers. Karli goes above and beyond, demonstrating a consistent commitment to excellence within the firm and also in her community. Karli serves as the Vice President of the Portage County Business Council Ambassadors Club and is a Board Member of both the Community Foundation of Central Wisconsin and Stevens Point Curling Club. Her engagement extends to various other nonprofit organizations, such as the Humane Society of Portage County and the North Central Conservancy Trust.

Furthermore, Karli earned the distinction of Ambassador of the Year with the Portage County Business Council (PCBC) in February 2023. In her current role as Vice President of the PCBC Ambassadors Club, she actively contributes to the organization’s success, accumulating numerous volunteer hours through participation in events such as ribbon cuttings, grand openings, groundbreaking ceremonies, Business After Hours, Women in Business and various other community engagements.

Karli encourages those seeking new employment opportunities to join our firm, sharing, “KerberRose has a great work culture with plenty of opportunity to get involved and find your niche. There aren’t any silos here, and everyone works together collectively regardless of title.”

Karli’s three words to describe KerberRose are: Engaging. Collaborative. Flexible.

We are extremely fortunate to have her on the team. Congratulations, Karli!

Trevor Maki | KerberRose

Trevor Maki | Audit Manager | Wausau Office

KerberRose is proud to recognize Trevor Maki in this month’s Team Member Spotlight!

Trevor joined our firm in June of 2023 as an Audit Manager in our Wausau office. Trevor found his way to KerberRose at just the right time.

“I had previously left public accounting after I felt like I had to sacrifice a lot of my personal life. I got the opportunity at KerberRose and realized I didn’t need to sacrifice everything in life to be successful and find work/life balance,” Trevor said.

After conversations with colleagues and our Managing Shareholder, Erik Bunnell, Trevor felt reinvigorated to dive back into the public accounting space. Trevor is a Certified Public Accountant with more than six years of experience, specializing in audit, attestation and advisory services.

Utilizing his experience and knowledge, Trevor shared, “I’ve taken on a handful of retirement plan audits, which have always been my bread and butter within public accounting, as I really enjoy doing them. I have also spent time with client consultations to help strengthen their internal controls and maintain proper documentation for them.”

Outside of work, Trevor recently got married and enjoys spending time with his wife and three dogs, coaching lacrosse and taking advantage of the work-life balance KerberRose is so proud to offer. “I’m able to enjoy my work without major stress, spend time coaching lacrosse and communicating more with my wife, which has been great.”

In just a few months, Trevor has seen and felt the impact KerberRose has on its clients and recommends taxpayers and businesses consider working with us.

“The pride people take in their work for their clients is incredible—clients really aren’t just a number to us. They’re a person with a back story and a name. Everyone I’ve met here takes the time to get to know each client and offer them the best service we can.”

Trevor added, ”I’ve seen and felt at other firms that there is a ton of knowledge, great expertise and a lot of smart people, and yet their large size sometimes means clients just become numbers. KerberRose will do everything they can to give clients the best hands-on service; if we personally don’t know the answer, we will connect you with someone who does. We have the same expertise and knowledge of larger firms, and our focus is always on serving our clients.”

Trevor’s three words to describe KerberRose are: People are priority.

We are lucky to have him on the team! Congratulations, Trevor!

Patrick Malone | KerberRose

Patrick Malone | Senior Tax Manager | Wausau Office

KerberRose is proud to recognize Patrick Malone in this month’s Team Member Spotlight!

Patrick is a licensed CPA with more than seven years of public accounting experience as well as a background in corporate tax and auditing for financial institutions, making him an excellent addition to our management team. Patrick joined KerberRose as a Senior Tax Manager in February of 2023 after connecting with Shareholder Chris Olson to discuss potential opportunities with KerberRose. With one short conversation, Patrick was inspired to join the firm.

“I was apprehensive to stay in public accounting, yet when I came to KerberRose I realized how different it can be,” Patrick noted. “You can work in public accounting with client exposure and truly be a trusted business advisor and also have the work-life balance you see in a private industry or regular job. Our clients aren’t just a number to us; we really care about them and want them to be successful. We put the time into helping them, which not all public accounting firms do.”

Patrick is a hybrid employee for our Wausau office. After recently moving back from Madison, Wisconsin, he has been eager to form business relationships with clients and community members.

Patrick shared, “Getting into business development is something I’ve always been passionate about and thought I could be good at, yet never had the opportunity to be involved with until now. I’ve been spending a lot of time at different networking events and attended a few golf outings to try and make connections for myself and our firm in the Wausau area.”

In Patrick’s first few months with the firm, he has enjoyed working closely with clients while expanding his skills and knowledge. He helps clients with varying projects, from journal entries to tax work, consulting and transactions. He has enjoyed the hands-on approach to client work and gained a greater knowledge of the ins and outs of a business.

When asked why he recommends working for KerberRose, Patrick explained, “I’ve noticed people who go into public accounting for a couple of years typically burn out quickly and turn to a private industry, thinking it’s their only option. Whereas from my experiences at KerberRose, you can stay in public accounting, have the client involvement and Trusted Advisor background with opportunities to grow and still be able to enjoy a work-life balance with a supportive culture around you.”

With a more balanced work life since joining KerberRose, Patrick has been able to get back to enjoying his hobbies of skiing, golfing and working on cars.

Patrick’s three words to describe KerberRose are: Supportive. Rewarding. Genuine.

We are lucky to have him on the team! Congratulations, Patrick!

Susan Moll | KerberRose

Susan Moll | Senior Accountant | Wausau Office

KerberRose is proud to recognize Susan Moll in this month’s Employee Spotlight!

Susan has been part of our firm since April 2021, starting as a Staff Accountant, and has become a valuable asset to our team since then. After six months, Susan knew she wanted to do more for the firm and began studying for her CPA license. Her hard work paid off after completing the rigorous exams and obtaining her license on the first try! When asked what successes she has achieved at KerberRose, Susan explained, “Getting my CPA license! I’m looking forward to seeing how my designation will help me advance in my career.” Shortly after earning her CPA license, Susan was promoted to Senior Accountant, her current role.

Susan is diligent in her work with our tax and accounting services departments. She is responsible for various individual client tax returns each year, while maintaining other complex business returns. She also assists with the preparation of payroll reports, sales tax returns, bookkeeping, and tax projections.

When asked what differentiates KerberRose from others, Susan expressed, “We have really great processes in place, and I really enjoy the BDO Alliance access we have through our membership with them, especially for tax CPE offered through the BDO portal.” She also added, “As an employee of KerberRose you are not just a number, they truly care about the success and development of each of their employees. I truly enjoy working here and look forward to advancing in my career with KerberRose.”

Susan’s three words to describe KerberRose are: Integrity. Community. Opportunity.

We are lucky to have her on the team! Congratulations, Susan!

Terra Naumann | KerberRose

Terra Naumann | Finance Director | Green Bay

KerberRose is pleased to feature Terra Naumann in this month’s Team Member Spotlight!
Terra has been an asset to the Internal Operations Team since 2020, starting as a Finance Operations Staff Accountant. She was promoted to Senior Accountant in October 2021 and recently received another promotion to Finance Director last Fall. Terra has continuously and effortlessly proven her value and skill across all areas of the Finance division.

In her current position, Terra shared, “Not every day is the same, which is challenging and enjoyable. While I’ve maintained consistency in managing the month-end close process, my responsibilities have expanded to include financial analysis and project initiatives aimed at supporting our Shareholders, team members, and the overall firm.”

What initially drew Terra to KerberRose was the firm’s core values: Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Community Oriented, and Work-Life Balance, with the latter resonating deeply with her as a new mother. However, Terra adds, “What has kept me committed is the remarkable people I work with, the engaging projects I am involved in to support the Shareholders and firm, and the ongoing opportunities provided by KerberRose.” KerberRose’s emphasis on work-life balance, supportive environment, and inclusive company culture further sets it apart, making it a top-notch employer for those seeking a fulfilling and rewarding career experience.

Terra’s successes at KerberRose are numerous, from streamlining financial reporting processes to enhancing operational efficiency through the implementation of new systems. Her focus on fostering growth and capabilities within her team highlights her commitment to excellence. Terra shared that with her success came hurdles to overcome, such as expanding the Finance Team and learning the art of delegation. Yet, through perseverance and a commitment to personal and professional growth, she has overcome these obstacles, emerging stronger and more empowered in her role on the Finance team and within the Firm.

In three words, Terra describes KerberRose as Engaging, Flexible, and Forward-thinking.

These are all qualities that resonate throughout our firm, and define its commitment to excellence. Congratulations, Terra, on your remarkable achievements and continued success at KerberRose!

Ryan Schmidt | KerberRose

Ryan Schmidt | Manager | Antigo Office

KerberRose is proud to recognize Ryan Schmidt in this month’s Team Member Spotlight!

Ryan embarked on his journey with KerberRose as an intern in the spring of 2019, seamlessly transitioning to a full-time role as a Staff Accountant shortly after graduating college. His dedication and continuous growth within the firm have marked an impressive trajectory, leading to his promotion to Manager in October of 2023.

Born and raised in Antigo, Ryan was drawn to KerberRose due to more than just professional opportunities—it was a homecoming. His decision to stay with the firm is deeply rooted in the positive culture, emphasizing camaraderie and a genuine passion for the work. “I never dread coming into work, and I genuinely enjoy the people I work with. The friendships I’ve formed along the way are invaluable,” shares Ryan.

Ryan’s journey with KerberRose has been nothing short of remarkable. He passed all four CPA exams on his first attempt within one year, attesting to his technical abilities. Beyond technical skills, he has invested in honing his leadership abilities, a journey supported and encouraged by his leaders at KerberRose. Reflecting on his growth, Ryan understands the importance of building client relationships and effective communication. “When I first joined KerberRose, I knew I had a strong foundation in accounting, but learning to build client relationships and communicate effectively is an ongoing process. I’m proud of the progress I’ve made and am committed to continual improvement,” he remarks.

Ryan’s dedication to personal and professional development aligns with KerberRose’s mission to make our clients and team members successful. “I think we have a strong culture at KerberRose, and leaders truly care about their team members and want everyone to grow and be successful here,” says Ryan.

In describing KerberRose’s unique position in the industry, Ryan emphasizes the firm’s blend of expertise with a hometown touch. “We possess the expertise of a large firm to handle complex engagements, yet maintain a hometown feel. Our clients aren’t just numbers; we prioritize open and honest communication from the start. Building trust is the foundation, and from there, we can truly make a difference.”

Ryan’s three words to describe KerberRose are: Collaborative. Reliable. Innovative.

Ryan’s journey at KerberRose serves as a testament to the firm’s commitment to fostering talent, encouraging growth and maintaining a supportive culture that goes beyond professional achievements. We look forward to witnessing and celebrating his continued success within the KerberRose family. Congratulations, Ryan!

Emme Stroede | KerberRose

Emma Stroede | HR Generalist/Career Transition Consultant | Rhinelander

KerberRose is proud to recognize Emma Stroede in this month’s Team Member Spotlight!

Emma joined our Human Resources team in October of 2022 after connecting with leaders in Rhinelander who discussed opportunities with her for both internal and external positions within KerberRose Human Resources.

Now, approaching her one-year anniversary, Emma has proven to be an invaluable asset to our team, excelling in her duties. She plays a key role in providing assistance with career transition services, benefits administration and employee engagement.

In her own words, “Our career transition and outplacement team can provide a lot of valuable resources and information when it comes to job search strategies, developing your resume to make it a useful tool and continuing to be a lifelong network contact even after the program is over. We also have a great KerberRose Human Resources team who can provide services, whether it’s strategic planning, assessments and development or our talent acquisition expertise.”

After some time on the external end of our Human Resources team, Emma realized her true passion lies in the internal human resource services realm. She expressed, “Although I enjoyed working on external career transitions, I truly enjoy supporting my colleagues by assisting them with managing leaves, benefits, disability and more. I was honest and challenged myself to say, ‘I think I need something more,’ and KerberRose listened. I like that I still have the option to do both.”

At KerberRose, we prioritize the professional development of our team members by fostering an environment where they can thrive both professionally and personally.

Emma noted, “Confrontation doesn’t always have to be scary. Nobody knows there’s an obstacle unless you speak up, and my leaders were really great at listening to me and helping me pivot my responsibilities towards more internal HR functions. I feel really supported here.”

She also added, “I think we have a really awesome team we’re building across all our locations. I have found that almost everyone you talk to is supportive of you and will be there to help you.”

We commend Emma for her dedication, initiative and commitment to excellence within our organization. Her contributions have greatly enriched our team, and we look forward to witnessing her continued growth and success at KerberRose.

Emma’s three words to describe KerberRose are: Fun. Supportive. Engaging.

We are lucky to have her on the team! Congratulations, Emma!

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