Wisconsin Releases Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Wisconsin Department of Revenue Releases New Taxpayer Bill of Rights

Last month, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue (WDOR) issued a new document, entitled, “Your Wisconsin Taxpayer Bill of Rights.”  It includes a list of resources available to all taxpayers, and it describes many of the Department’s goals for courteous and efficient  service.

Admittedly, there’s not much new in this publication, but it is a helpful reference for anyone who is not used to dealing with the WDOR.  We expect the confidential and courteous service that is promised in this Bill of Rights, but did you know the Department of Revenue has six offices in our state where you can go if you have questions or need assistance?  The address and hours for each location is listed.  There is also information about what you should do if you feel you are not treated fairly by someone who works for the WDOR.

So How is the Wisconsin Department of Revenue Doing?

Overall, the WDOR is doing a good job of providing service to the people of Wisconsin.  Individuals in our firm contact the Department regularly for a variety of reasons, and generally we receive prompt and courteous assistance.  If we call by phone, it’s not unusual to speak to someone after waiting only a few minutes.  Currently at the IRS, you can expect much longer wait times, and many calls are not even answered.  Compared to the longer response times at the IRS, the Wisconsin Department of Revenue is doing a fine job of providing prompt service.

The WDOR also provides many useful resources on its website.  There are dozens of publications on a variety of topics.  There are videos and answers to many frequently asked questions.  For the most part, the information on the website is easy to find and understand.

If you want to view “Your Wisconsin Taxpayer Bill of Rights,” you can find it on the Wisconsin Department of Revenue website – Click Here 

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